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Attention seeking behaviour.. ehh ?

India is full of innovation.. well at least in stealing ideas. So the thing i am going to show u is just an example of what the advertising companies do everyday to grab attention of the viewers, be it the simple advertisement for a toothpaste to pressure cookers... S** sells, and everybody knows that. So, today morning i was moving towards the mess to have my breakfast as routinely as possible when this grabbed my attention... Below the obvious ***  it reads.. "Now that i have got your attention, please read the following notice- There will be no extra diwali vacations for university going terms this year." Well, i guess that's pretty mean of you to cut our vacations. But, who cares ? It's going to be preparatory leave anyways.  p.s. Watson who was sitting besides me and have just read this, is nudging me to delete this as soon as possible or both of us might be rusticated for ...well ..some reason or the other.

Must be discussing security protocols i guess...

Dear friends, i understand that u people are already bored of shitty gossip blogs. Don't blame me for this one if it ruins ur day... As far as the story goes, the people at the pandal (..that is a word for 'tent' in hindi) were supposedly there for an architectural convention. There were apparently a lot of big architects from all over the country inside, and dozens of students of course. And then, all of a sudden it collapsed like a pack of cards... BANG.. ..just like that. I guess, it could have actually been an experiment on the security protocols of building tents. Who knows. Maybe the dean wanted to give a practical lecture over the hazards of unsafe buildings. I think i should call in Holmes soon to investigate again...

I hope my recipe is cookable !

I noticed this fascinating title on the front page of Women's Era today.. and i thought that it is my moral responsibility to show this to my dear readers. No dear, i did not intend to show u the girl in the pic. She had pretty bad hair anyways, so i cropped her out. Look at the "40 cookable recipes" (As I am writing this the spell check is prompting me that there is actually no word like 'cookable' ..sorry microsoft ..err it just pointed out that there is no word like 'microsoft' either !!) I thought i would show it in my blog to prove that how well-read and philosophical man I am, and how every magazine editor is a fool. But you see, they do have a point. The recipes in 'other' magazines might not be as easily cookable as theirs are. Point taken. This is the way it's meant to be. People will keep doing things in a cliche manner just because they have been made to believe that this is the right thing to do. All their school lives they have be