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Public Apology

I know you are quite pissed off at me for making you read my toxic humor. But you see, you know it as well as I, that if it tastes bitter better spit it out. That's what I do (and that's why I write this blog... to spit at everyone) , and that's what i advise you to do. And yes, spam is always welcome with me. It just makes my belief firm that you guys think this is a place where they will be able to find more readers for their spam. So, happy spitting and slapping.. I don't  mind almost anything (except if i see u with my ex better get prepared if you do .. i know tae-kwon-do !)

If you are still angry at me (I am in a habit of that one though..) I apologize to everyone whom my words have tormented like a frog in a blender. I cant help it. When i notice people being e-diots again and again, I have to say something about it. You better close your eyes next time i write something that closely resembles your foolish timepass misdeeds.. (which include almost everything you do.. yes you nerd ! I am talking to YOU )

If you want to take out your frustration over the above-said-nice-nice-things..write them below


Seshe James said…
you nutcase.... you are so funny... Can't believe am just reading your blog. What took me so long..... xxx
Tanvi said…
I can't be any funnier :P :P Hehee :D


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