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I wrote this one when i was in school. Found it while sifting through my old diaries... Don't take it seriously. I was 15 when i wrote this. If you don't know about the story of king ashoka, you can read it here   The horses arrayed side by side, And men keeping the fullest pride, Having prayed to the kali , We thus began to ride. The war clouds went dark, And owls began to shriek, And we in camps, began rejoicing, For the enemy was so weak. It began to drizzle red, And red were land and airs, But neither victory, nor defeat, Came our way, passed years. With the doors of Kalinga still meeted, Our enemy remained undefeated, With the giant gates our head we beated, No answer came, no battle repeated. The answer came at last, But what an answer it was ! For there was an army of the softer skin, To slay them, was a justless win. My weapons dropped, so did my shield, And under grief i began to yield, How many men i killed in vain ? With