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The poet who survived.........

I was calm on that day ..... as usual. I knew there is a competition coming up , and i had to write something .......... atleast something , because it was over 10 am and i was the only entry registerd from AFMC. For my big relief , some AFMCites joined later....... so i was not the only one to blaim for defeat. And thus began the Hindi Poetry Competition...........

I had several topics , out of which i m not sure why did i picked up this one. Maybe it was a little contemporary to me at the time. Anyways..... here is what i wrote -


haan haan tum meri mrigtrishna ho,
jeevan ki antim abhilasha ho .

jitna khojo , gum ho jaati,
paas aakar bhi door chali jaati.
jaane kyon ye mayajaal bichhati,
akaaran hi pyase man ko tarsati.

ek boond jal ki aasha mein,
main raha bhatakta kahan kahan.
sambhav ho to pyaas bujha do,
raah main takta khada khada.

tum ho pratah ki pratham prarthna,
tum hi ratri ki antim aarti.
haan haan tu hai ishwar meri,
tum man mandir ki dev murti.

tum chanchal, suraj ki pahli kiran jaisi,
dekh tumhe chaal hui hai hiran jaisi.
fir bhi ! fir bhi ye dard ye chubhan kaisi,
na sahi kabhi peed janmo janam aisi.

haan haan tum ho, tum ho meri nazaron mein,
lekin fir bhi bass pyaas hi hai in adharon pe.
bass ! bass ab aa jao jeevan mein,
khila do upvan is soone man ke aangan mein.

haan haan tum meri mrigtrishna ho,
jeevan ki antim abhilasha ho .

The poem was eventually able to win me an ice-cream, when i sang it on a mike for a senior's girlfriend later that afternoon. The competition was one by a KMC guy , whose poem i actually admired very much.


Yatish said…
are bhai bahut achchi poem likhi hai.. really liked it very much.. teri saari poems sunenge jab milenge :)

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