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Why you shouldn't behave like sherlock holmes !

The MedCine-club in the college has come up again with a show of Sherlock Holmes this week. Why the hell they have this crazy name i don’t know. The Cine part of it rarely talks about the Med part. And i don’t even have enough money to hire Sherlock holmes to investigate. But let’s not waste time on this. The last time we saw Sherlock Holmes movie, me and Watson (Names changed to protect the identities of real people ..out of which Holmes is going to be myself) after our usual saturday night movie together (Yeah, ‘our usual’ as we have not yet started entertaining girls who keep stalking us.. ) decided to gather our leftover bucks for the month and give Dominos a friendly visit. It is a nice cosy place about the size of a small garage large enough to hold a single millitary truck. That’s not much i know.. well there are only 6 tables and not much of a scenic view. But it’s almost never crowded and has a nice romantic mood, with cool soothing music playing all over. If i had a girlfriend, it’s the first place i would take her to. So that day, when we walked in and settled down ourselves we saw this hot resident from the skin department sitting 2 tables away from us with this guy, going all chatty with him. That’s when i thought we should start practicing our own art of deduction…

(I whispered to watson who was sitting right opposite to me..)

Holmes: Don’t turn over watson, there is that hot from the dermat sitting two tables right behind you.

Watson: You fool, i saw her when i entered here.. that’s why i choose this seat so that she wont see me.

Holmes: Wow! she got a guy with her. Looks older than her, is wearing a red t-shirt and they are sitting at right angles to each other.

Watson: Everything goes well with me as long as she does not cuts my attendance in clinics. Now shut it up and pass me the ketchup.

(That’s one boring thing about Watson, that he is rarely interested in things that are not boring. So, i raised my voice a little)

Holmes: I don’t believe it you can be so pathetic at this thing… Wait, i cant see a ring on her finger. Looks like she is not engaged yet. But, she is sitting at right angle to the guy, that’s not what couples do in their initial meetings. It looks like the problem is more chronic.

Watson: For all this discussion, he could turn up to be her brother in the end.

Holmes: No, he cant be a brother, or even a long distance cousin for that instance. She is getting that large smile and a twinkle in her eyes… it just can’t be a brother.

Watson: Will you please stop staring at them. She might catch me tomorrow in the hospital, and then both of us will be dead for good.

Holmes: She is wearing slippers ! And no just any slippers, but the average small red completely cheap homely slippers !!

Watson: If you keep doing this, I am sure one of them is coming for your face.

(Maybe that’s what he was trying to avoid when he bent over his chair a little more, with the pizza a few inches from his face.)

Holmes: Now look, she never wears such a cheap thing even at the clinic. Haven’t you noticed ?

Watson: So ?

Holmes: So by this we can make out that she is very comfortable with the guy and past the point of early phase of flirting.

(It could have been a little more accurate had my concentration not been broken by the children of the sardarji family sitting right next to our table)

Watson: That’s dumb. She is just having a pizza with a guy in a small outlet of Dominos.

Holmes: So you are indicating that she might be trying to avoid the family’s attention by not dressing up too much.

Watson: I am not saying anything. And be careful with the Coke, you are going to spill it over.

Holmes: Now i can rest the case finally. She is seeing this guy for some time now, without telling the family. And they are on a date tonight.

Watson: Why would anyone take a girl to Dominos for a date ?

(We were almost shouting in whispers at this point of time..)

Holmes: And why would you say that ?

Watson: No, like really this is not a good place for a date !


Watson: I am telling you, THIS IS NOT A GOOD PLACE FOR A DATE !!

I don't know what the hell happened after that. The whole place fell silent for a moment. The resident bent over to have a better look at us. The sardarji’s family sitting next to our table was the least affected, only the mother looked at us (with wide eyes ?) and then resumed to settle the rattle her children were making. And i think the girl at the counter dropped a menu or something from her hand.

Watson: Did i just say it loud "this is not a good place for a date" ?? This is all because of you. And from today onwards you will never wear that shirt with the pink stripes on it !!

Holmes: Why ?

Watson: I can never explain it to you ! And remember, after we are finished here, you are not supposed to keep your hand on my shoulder in the streets. People might be using their own art of deduction on us !!

All i know is that Watson finished his pizza at a hurried speed after this conversation, gulped his coke and then never went to Dominos again.. he prefers the home delivery now. If anyone understood why, please tell me right now as my deductive powers have almost failed me here...


Anonymous said…
well done yaar atleast you hav been able rto hold the attention of reader till last "ATLEAST" :-0
Mack said…
dear anonymous.. atleast u could have had the courage to write your name "ATLEAST" ;-)
Maryam said…
lol... me likey =)
Anonymous said…
You have a shirt with pink stripes??!! LOL!! you may have a bigger problem here!!
Mack said…
...yes i do have a bigger problem here.... It's my mum who keeps buying weird stuff 4 me. :-P
Wishv said…
Oh. that was hilarious :D

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