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I wish i were at home .......

These prep leaves can be excessively boring , we did all of it ........ saw movies , read a lot of ebooks , played football in rain ..... almost everything u can imagine doing on a summer vacation. The only difference is that ...... this is not a vacation . I should have been studying all this time to improve my ranks, or maybe make sure i pass . I know people are not happy with U2 , and it sends a coldness down my spine everytime ..... possibly it prepares us for the worst , that's why this sort of reflex has been picked up in the course of evolution. And when i say 'course of evolution' , i see myself nose to nose with reality that my speech has become full of cliches lately.... I m in a sort of a tangled mindset , as i mostly am. And this blog sometimes seems like Dr. Seward's diary ( the psychiatrist in the book 'Dracula' ). Bram stroker did almost everything to display him as a model shrink , which is what most probably i too am becoming. AFMC is probably t