Monday, June 7, 2010

For whom it matters..

People constantly keep reminding me that ‘we’ are a bunch of useless men who are good enough just for having our pictures clicked. For those who don’t know it already, ‘we’ refers to our small ‘bunch of useless people’ that we call Prayas Club in our college. And I have that nasty little habit of bugging the people around me about the work they can do similar to our club. Let it be. I just can’t help it. I almost bored my (former) girlfriend to death with this. Read more if you have little problem in becoming my next victim..
If you are a typical, young college going fellow who keeps grumbling about the things that are need to be done and how ‘nobody’ is doing ‘anything’… and if you haven’t closed this page already, than let me tell you the first thing i have to say. You ARE a useless piece of junk who is not good for anything yet. So stop babbling about how the whole world would be happy if you are the president of united nations. There is a one in a hundred billion chance that you will be one. But there is a one hundred percent chance that you will be what you ARE. So stop complaining and do what you always say ‘needs to be done’…  and within the limits of what you can actually do. Look around. There will always be some people around you who are doing something good for the community. Some will be religious , some will be retired old men, and there will be the old ‘ladies clubs’ consisting of fat aunties, and ofcourse there will be political people too..  It really doesn’t matter who you are working with, till you do something that doesn’t suits your conscience or is actually , really , absolutely a waste of time (..maybe that’s why i prefer not to attend the bhajan programmes of sai seva samiti even for 2 hours, but i did go to the 6 hour long medical camps they run. ) It can be better than this if you are working with people of your own age and similar interests, like your college friends. AFMC’s Prayas club was almost single-handedly created by a student about 12 years ago. Now it is a formally recognized part of our college with the PSM department backing it. It has almost 30 active members at any time, with even the faculty and the Dean coming to our help occasionally. Hope you got my point.. There will always be people willing to work, just like you are. They only need a pioneer… maybe it is you. Or even if you don’t and have no interest in al the business ….at least the man who you know would really like to be one …don’t call him a ‘useless man’ ……
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