Sunday, October 4, 2009

A good mood…..

Image080 A rarity in my life, but i try my best not to chase it away whenever really see it coming. Called up a few people just now… but that seems to be because i was in a nice tune today. Maybe it’s the after effect of going out in the rain. The weather has been  good since last eve…… raining n all. And just add to the surprises, the light wen out for a few hours too. Darkness and rain r supposed to make people grim i think. But in Pune they have a different effect on me. It is the time to socialize in the hostel….. everyone comes out of their room… maybe to enjoy the power cuts. It is usually better if it’s a sunday the next day.. u can sleep late at night of course .

And now it’s sunday and i m sitting in front of my screen , listening to Sheryl croe ‘Love is free’ , my room looks clean after a hell of a weak , my copy of sundayHT is lying on my bed , and i have little homework left ….. My other self would be jealous if i read this page someday else.Went to watch ‘Wake up Sid’ with Irshad this morning, it was much refreshing. Reminds me of my first movie here ‘Jane  tu ya jane na’ ……. the rain was the same , it was  sunday , and i was tired. It was fresher term…. and my whole body was aching like hell. I agreed to a movie , partly because i would be able to sit comfortably for a couple of hours. Others were going shopping n all. I still remember that magical effect it had on me….. i dropped my idea of leaving AFMC after that movie, in a hope that sundays would keep coming….

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Tanvi said...

Heehee :D by the way, your post just made my day :) :)
Thank you :)