Saturday, January 1, 2011

The best 3 resolutions you can make in 2011 : Cruddy's New Year Special !

Hellu Averybuddy ! Cruddy here !! I am fine. Thank you for reeding. That mice guy Mack had been quite jenerus with Cruddy this tyme. He give Cruddy his passworld to Bloger on promice that Cruddy no read no male from his Inbocks. So here I yam, discusing my New Ear Resolutions from you oll. I hope Mister Mack and the reeders wood lyke this guest post..

Resolution Numbar 1.
Cruddy save money this ear. No money, no honey they use to say. Cruddy even waak to tha ofice averyday than to use tha caar.

Resolution Numbar 2.
Cruddy no smoke this ear. SveeT giv Cruddy a buk "How to quit smoking : Quick and Easy". Buk cost 10 cave-dollar. No waste money, remember ?

Resolution Numbar 3.
Cruddy buy Cuban Sigars from tha saved money. Muddy was tolding yesterday, tha Sigars look moar classick and eligent.

By tha way, Mister Mack you have had no e-male from no Bank Mannajer from Burkina Faso. He didunt even talk about any 10 milliun dollor you didunt get from your dead aunt either. You can sleep nice and easy. I have no even change your passworld. You forget it youarself Cruddy thinks. 


gretel said...

Buahahahahha,ths really cracked me up ehnn,love the resolutions,you such a funny person.
Gretel-premonition of the

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year... Nice to see Cruddy posting after a while!

- Mannat!

Alcina said...

This is funny..And this crap too..

But i like it :P

Unknown said...

cruddy writes better thn u...:)

Mack said...

@Gretel: Thanks
@Mannat: Nice to know ur real name :)
@Alcina: Thanks for liking it
@Neha: Yeah, i know.. but i am still not goin to pay him to write for me anyways ;)

Toyin O. said...

Very funny post, thanks for sharing.

The Yard Bard said...

Cruddy, more people need helpful friends like you. Keep up the fine work!