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The new face of political barbarism : Ramdev ?

I am not a very saintly person. But i occasionally get a little shouty-douty when the clerk at the railway station does backdoor reservations at the expense of those standing in the queue. I really swear though, the thing that never crossed my mind yet is to 'hang the clerk by neck till death' ..or maybe 'make him do kapalbhati till he kills himself'. Well, it crossed the mind of the honorable and graceful saint shown on left. It must be right i think, as lakhs of people are said to be supporting him in his 'satyagraha'.

I don't mind whatever the hell he might have spent on the AC pandals or shit. There are lots of genius people around who want to buy more and more of ramdev special chyavanprash and other premium horseshit. Atleast he had earned it by making a fool of genuine fools. I can't give any more crap about it.

The thing that hits me is the way he asks for death sentence for freakin everything. Now what the hell happened to it being 'rarest of rare' cases that are allowed execution ? Ours is a death sentence obsessed nation. The law is considered a mere tool of taking revenge. Maybe it is the effect of the old Dharmendra movies with dialogues like.. "Bhagwaan kasam, jab tak tera khoon apne baap ki kabr pe nahi chadhaunga tab tak chain ki saans nahi loonga..!!!!!"  ( Kutteeeee !!!!!!!). Isn't he supposed to be a 'religious' guy.. or what they call a 'yogi' ? For somebody who claims to have achieved inner peace and whatever other shit, isn't this supposed to be freakin shameful for him ?

How you can bloody fight against corruption by teaching medicine and engineering in hindi, is a logic that hangs my processor everytime i give it a second try. And yeah, banning the 500 and 1000 rupee notes would be a real fine thing. Then i wont have to withdraw money from ATMs in 400-400 batches to get 100 rupee notes. It's really shameful when you show the 500 note to the canteen guy after drinking coffee for 5 rs. Still, i sometimes wonder.. how would the baba have payed for his five star satyagraha in 100 rs. banknotes. Huhh, maybe he used his platinum card. Like i care..

Well, Cruddy just got up after refreshing his mind with his evening dose of 'anulom-vilom' and now he is bugging me that he will hang me in the frontyard if i don't let him play GTA on the computer. I guess this is all for today. Gud night !

You can read about more baba's claims and games at this here


Mack said…
Yeah i know, i have been using the word 'shit', 'freakin' and 'bloody' a lot these days. But trust me guys, this is just a Dean Winchester hangover, and i will surely get over it before Supernatural season 7 start !
Rachit said…
even, I had the same problem with those 500 notes yet they quite help while depositing college fees. :P

And, as far as Baba is concerned, our's is a religious obsess country. And, Baba knows quite well how to play his hard earned yoga guru stature.

Well, a fact to share, if only 20% of the black money finds its way back to the country than none of us will have to pay any sort of tax for at-least 10 years.
Jyoti Mishra said…
Baba is doin no good in fighting corruption.

and what a fantastic melodrama going on in Delhi by him....... It seems media n people doesn't want to fight corruption rather they want to create an Egypt and Libya in India............ Pathetic show by people as well as media.

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