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I hope my recipe is cookable !

I noticed this fascinating title on the front page of Women's Era today.. and i thought that it is my moral responsibility to show this to my dear readers.
No dear, i did not intend to show u the girl in the pic. She had pretty bad hair anyways, so i cropped her out. Look at the "40 cookable recipes" (As I am writing this the spell check is prompting me that there is actually no word like 'cookable' ..sorry microsoft ..err it just pointed out that there is no word like 'microsoft' either !!) I thought i would show it in my blog to prove that how well-read and philosophical man I am, and how every magazine editor is a fool. But you see, they do have a point. The recipes in 'other' magazines might not be as easily cookable as theirs are. Point taken. This is the way it's meant to be. People will keep doing things in a cliche manner just because they have been made to believe that this is the right thing to do. All their school lives they have been pushed and patted by their teachers to write 'poems' (Yes , i hate the word 'poem', that's why i write it with such emphasis. It makes me feel like a stupid child) and they keep on writing stupid literature the rest of their lives because nobody ever encouraged them to do something new.. well ..say, composing 'readable poems' ! (I hope u r really pissed at me now. It really made my day. I feel happy for hours after pissing off people..)

p.s. Dear Watson i wasn't really reading Women's Era was just lying on a table and i clicked this pic. I Swear !!!


Anonymous said…
I swear I didn't know there was such thing as "uncookable" recipe!!!
Mack said…
The world is full of strange things.. "uncookable recipes" are probably those which common people can't make easily. They just exist because some foolish magazine editor thought that it would hurt their ego if they print the simpler ones.