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Must be discussing security protocols i guess...

Dear friends, i understand that u people are already bored of shitty gossip blogs. Don't blame me for this one if it ruins ur day...

As far as the story goes, the people at the pandal (..that is a word for 'tent' in hindi) were supposedly there for an architectural convention. There were apparently a lot of big architects from all over the country inside, and dozens of students of course. And then, all of a sudden it collapsed like a pack of cards... BANG.. ..just like that.

I guess, it could have actually been an experiment on the security protocols of building tents. Who knows. Maybe the dean wanted to give a practical lecture over the hazards of unsafe buildings. I think i should call in Holmes soon to investigate again...


Wishv said…
Intriguing.. looking forward to the investigation if Mr. Holmes find it worth investigating
Sado said…
u seem really interested in sir arthur's ppl ;)
Mack said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mack said…
Not so interested though. I just wrote a post on holmes some time back, and time and again i can't fight the urge to advertise my older posts :P
Sado said…
hahaha, i do the same...keep visiting my older posts
Mice Aliling said…
Irony. Architects' convention in a non-sturdy set-up :)
Mice Aliling said…
I hope everyone was safe, though.

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