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When do you know your doctor is making a fool of you ?

This one happened during my surgery rotation. A major (read: PG resident, as ours is a military college) sent a patient for testing blood sugar after the OPD consultation. She came back with the report after half an hour…

Mrs.Fatlady: Doctor saab, here is the report. Please tell me if something is serious.

Maj.Clinicwala: Dont worry aunty, your report is all normal.

MrsFatlady: So?

Maj.Clinicwala: So, take the medicines i have written earlier and you will be fine.

MrsFatlady: I came from such a long distance and you say my report is fine ! You wasted my time and you knew nothing is wrong with me. You are a bad bad doctor.

Mack: Sir, just give her sugar pills.

MajClinicwala: You should be happy mam, you are all right.

MrsFatlady: But atleast give me something. I am standing for half an hour outside just to show this report. And you say i dont need medicine. I will never come to a free hospital again !

MajClinicwala: Just go away mam. You are wasting my time.

MrsFatlady: I will complaint to your professor ! You dont know anything about treatment. YOU ARE JUST A QUACK.

(and she sped down the corridor, screaming at the top of her lungs…)


Anonymous said…
See now you upset her!! People like her are happy with Vitamin pills they don't know the difference... just tell her to take once daily 1/2 hour before your first meal... would have saved MajClinicwala time arguing!!
Mack said…
u see, that is the point i made when i said 'give her sugar pills' ..but i guess, there is no place for placebos in our medical system.
Wishv said…
asking g=for a disease? is it too much to ask for? :P And if you can't give her a disease, at least give her a cure.. hehe :P
Mice Aliling said…
Happy Pills. :) You should have given her so everything's settled :)