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What a medical teacher takes years to learn...

PG resident: Ok boy, now you tell me " What is Wohlfart-Kugelberg-Welander syndrome ? "

Mack: Sir it is a very rare disorder characterized by ...xxxxx

PG resident: Excellent ! You will be a nice dctor one day..

Assistant Professor: Tell me the new advancements in the field of malaria diagnosis.

Mack: Uhh, sir it is diagnosed mainly by microscopic observation.

Assistant Professor: That's nice to hear, but you should actually keep your eyes open for the latest research also.

Professor: Tell me the importance of taking pulse and what can you diagnose from it ?

Mack: Sir pulse... pulse is the.. the feeling of heart beat in the extremities of..

Professor: It's high time that you start reading your textbooks son. You will never succeed till you make it a habit.

Dean: What do you understand by fever ?

Mack: Uhh, sir raised body temperature..

Dean: Even the cleaning staff outside my office can tell me that. Next time i want something that a real medical student should know.

Commandant: Aaj tak injection diya h kabhi ? (have you ever given an injection before?)

Mack:........err, well. .. .sir..

Commandant: Not your fault dear. I will ask your professor to arrange one practical lecture on giving injections soon..

p.s.  this post was inspired by our great commandant who was stalking everyone outside the clinics today, asking "aaj tak kabhi injection diya h tumne ?"


Mack said…
And yes guys, i forgot to tell you... our college has a commandant too who is right above the dean. I dont think civil colleges do have any such person in their hierarchy.
Najwa Pervin said…
Yeah we dont have a commandant ! Infact its the first time I've heard of one !
Tele Jane said…
No one knows that before the intern 'happens'. So, let that commandant be happy over his 'requiring-20-sec-to-master' skill of his!! :D

PS: The template's nice!! :)
Mack said…
Thanx for support ! I have decided to set an example for juniors, by not learning to give an injection till the intern 'happens'. :P
Anonymous said…
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Mack said…
Awww God !! Mr. anonymous, this is the height of spammmin !! But i think i should leave your comment as it is (just so that others can make fun of it too) but remember, if i ever catch u alive, i will make you eat the same sport shoes u were discussing above. 0~0
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Jim said…
I think he's using Google Scribe to string random words together.
Mack said…
I guess Jim.. that's the only differential diagnosis that explains all the signs and symptoms of this anonymous guy !
Unknown said…
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